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The Little Things

Sometimes you have to find the little things in life to be grateful for. 

Like the fact that I made it to age 33 having never encountered the term “little balloon knot.”

Or the fact that 15 minutes was spent sitting with my professional, educated colleagues debating the meaning of this term. 

(For those of you wondering*, it’s an asshole) 

*Mom and Dad

Last Night’s Date, Part 2

So, remember THIS prankster? Turns out pranking is a habit. A bad habit.

He texted this OUT OF NOWHERE.


I’m all for being pranked but…perhaps some context? Relevance?

Also humor. Humor is key to a prank.

So many missing elements here.

This cannot, by any societal standards, even be considered a prank.

This is just saying words that aren’t true.

People who say lots of words that aren’t true are called liars.

You’re a liar.

I hate you.

(We have a second date this weekend)

Last Night’s Date: Male vs. Female Reviews

Interestingly, the general FEMALE reaction to Last Night’s Date has been two enthusiastic thumbs up (the words “marry him or I will give up on life entirely” have been used in a not-at-all dramatic fashion), while the general MALE reaction has been wholly unimpressed.

I went to dinner with my friends Gabi and Adam last night. Gabi was intiaitlly not sure, but then decided she was on Team Prankster….Adam was wholeheartedly anti.

Then this morning I received an email from a friend in California, saying that everyone in LA (and by everyone, she pretty much just meant herself) was rooting for him. I forwarded this to Gabi and Adam to prove that people are on totally on Team Prankster. Adam stood firm.


Slow clap video referenced in email: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZHI88infeU