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Today in school, a kid got in trouble for hitting another student. When my co-teacher and I told him that unfortunately, we would now have to inform his mother, he began to cry and begged us not to tell her.

Kid: “PLEASE don’t call my mom! She will punish me and I’ll be grounded!”
Us: “And what exactly happens when you are grounded?”
Kid: “I can’t do anything!”
Us: “Anything?”
Kid: “Yeah! I just have to sit on the couch and watch tv all day!”

So your punishment is the exact life I want to be living.


No wonder you’re a disaster.

An Early Mother’s Day Tribute to My Fabulous Mom

There are a few kids in my class having a really hard time understanding fractions as parts of a whole. I remember fractions being such a simple concept for me to understand as a kid, so I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to figure out how I learned them so easily.

Then I remembered. It was from my mother threatening my siblings and me:

“You better do as I say by the time I count to 3, or SO HELP ME GOD. One! (blank stares), Two!…(no movement)….Two and a HALF (nothing)…Two and THREE QUARTERS (shit, that’s close to three wholes…should we do something? WHAT COMES AFTER THREE?!)”.

We never found out.

But I’m good at math now.

So thanks, Mom.