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Multiple Choice Strategy

A kid hands in his state test (multiple choice) with two answers circled for one question. 

Me: “You can only choose one answer for each question.”

Kid: “Well, I know but I couldn’t decide between B and C. So I’m just going to do both.”

Me: “You can’t do both. If you choose both, it’s automatically wrong.”

Kid: “Ok.”

(Does nothing) 

Me: “Please choose one answer.”

Kid: “No thank you. I’ll take my chances.”

I’m not sure you understand how chances work. 


Tales From the State Test

Dear NYC Department of Education,


You’re probably looking at this photo and thinking “Hmmm, what am I looking at here?”

Well I’ll tell you what you’re looking at.

This is a picture of a GIANT FUCKING COCKROACH, roughly the size of my man-handed fist, trapped underneath a book bin, then secured with a chair. This massive fella decided to show himself in the middle of the NY state test today, casually sauntering across the library floor like he owned the place, causing two of my 4th graders to jump out of their chairs, and, subsequently, the entire room to start screaming bloody murder.

As the only adult in the room, I had to act quickly and maturely.  This consisted of me screaming “EVERYBODY STAY CALM!!!!!!” like a batshit psycho, while darting across the room to the shelves, grabbing the nearest book bin, dumping out the entirety of its contents onto a table where 4 kids were test-taking, holding my breath, and trying to retrace the life choices that had lead me to this exact moment in time, so that I could undo them.

Once I trapped it beneath the bin, I put a chair on top of it, just in case that motherfucker decided to try something funny. Trust no one, DOE.

After the chair was secured and I had both swallowed the vomit in my throat and wiped the tears from my eyes, the kids were asked to sit for another hour, alongside the cockroach, and finish their exams.

So that’s why everyone failed.

Miss Emily

Things I Learned in Today’s Professional Development

It’s only “teaching to the test” if you call it “teaching to the test.” If you call it “Test Prep Academy,” it’s best practice.

I’m glad my superiors explained this to me slowly and carefully while swinging a pocket watch and chanting the mantra “we do not teach to the test,” because when I first saw the schedule for the next two months I was starting to wonder why I became a teacher.

But “Test Prep Academy” sounds super fun, guys!!! Can we all wear fatigues?!