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That Moment After a First Date When You Realize He Only Said “Let’s Do This Again” To Be Polite


Except instead of a home-cooked meal on the table, it’s take-out chinese on the table. And instead of two glasses on the table, it’s one glass on the table. But it’s not really a glass on the table, it’s a solo cup filled with wine on the table. And it’s not a table.  It’s a foot stool.

This is New York, guys.

I’m So Confused

Guys, this really weird thing happened where I went on a date last night, had a nice time, and then I heard from him TODAY. Not a week later, not EXACTLY 3 days later, not by accident because he meant to text a different Emily, not the next time he was drunk/stoned/watching porn. The NEXT day. Sober. While the sun was still up.

What do you think that means?

Oh, that he’s a mature 30-something male in Manhattan?

Well. This is new.