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Thanks Necessary

As we’re about to start a tutoring session…

Parent: “We have big news for you– [Kid] improved so much on his report card!”

Kid: “Yeah, I did! My math grades are sooooo much better!”

Me: “That’s amazing!”

Parent (to kid): “And isn’t there someone (nods head towards me) you want to thank for helping you achieve that?”

Kid (Pauses. Looks confused. Then…): “Oh, oh! Duh!”

Me: “Aw, no thanks necess—”

Kid: “God!”



That moment when a parent who gave you hell for 4 years of your teaching career somehow tracks down your phone number and calls you to say that she is sorry for everything she put you through, and she acknowledges the role she played in her children’s in-school difficulties, and she says that she heard that you are leaving the teaching profession so she didn’t want you to depart without knowing that truly, deeply, she really does appreciate everything you did for her and her two sonsĀ over the years, thus providing you with the perfect feeling of satisfied closure as you end your classroom career.


That didn’t actually happen.

I’m just saying. It’d be nice.

Instead I just walked by said parent getting drunk and smoking cigs at a neighborhood bar.

Wonder where the kids are.