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Jewish Food

Getting Nora ready to attend a Yom Kippur break fast….

Me: “We’re going to eat lots of yummy Jewish food! Like bagels, and lox, and maybe even some kugel!”

Nanny: “Oh! I love Jewish food.”

Me: “Oh really?”

Nanny: “Yes my favorite is spaghetti bolognese.”

Me: Thinking_Face_Emoji

Nanny: “I worked for this Jewish lady and EVERY single Thursday she make spaghetti bolognese¬†and I tell my husband ‘Oh, I LOVE this Jewish food!”

Me: “Ok, but spaghetti bolognese is not, like, a traditionally JEWISH food.”

Nanny: “But she is Jewish.”

Me: “Right…”

Nanny: url

Me: “She’s just a Jew who likes spaghetti.”

Nanny: images-1

A Letter to God (Yom Kippur 2013)

Hi God!

Here’s the deal– I’m not fasting. But here are some jewy things I’ve done so far today to make up for it:
1. Ran 18 miles (aka: suffered)
2. Woke up anxious 
3. Argued with the CVS cashier about the validity of my coupon (and saved a cool 3 bucks!)
4. Gave my unsolicited opinion
5. Complained about my hair
6. Wandered

And tonight I plan to dance with no rhythm, but believe wholeheartedly in the moment that I look awesome.

Hope this will suffice,