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This Mom Nailed It

Me: “So today we are going to read this biography about Barack Obama.”

Kid: “Oh! That’s my Dad’s Christmas dinner guest!”

Me: “Um…explain.”

Kid: “So every year everyone in my family decides who we would invite to our Christmas dinner that year, if we could invite anyone in the world. My dad chose Barack Obama.”

Me: “Oh, I love that! And who did YOU choose?”

Kid: “Taylor Swift.”

Me: “Also a good one. And your Mom?”

Kid: “She chose ‘any black female voter from Alabama.'”

Me: smilelaugh.jpg

Kid: “Yeah I didn’t really get it.”

Don’t You Ever Say That

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.58.12 PM.png

Reading this book with a 1st grader…

Me: “So what did we learn in this book?”
Kid: “That Barack Obama was born in an African country.”
Me: “WHAT?! No, no, no. NO.”
Kid: “Yeah, it said that.”
Me: “No, it said Barack Obama was born in HAWAII– his FATHER is from Africa.”
Kid: “Oh, same thing though.”
Me: “No. NO. NOT the same thing. Not the same thing at all.”
Kid: (shrugs)
Me: “Repeat after me: ‘Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. In the UNITED STATES.'”
Kid: “Ok…”
Me: “Say it.”
Kid: “Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.”
Me: “I’m very serious about this. I can’t have you thinking that. And I definitely can’t have you going around saying ‘My tutor Emily taught me that Barack Obama was born in Africa.’ Do you understand?”
Kid: “I understand…”
Me: “He was NOT born in Africa.”
Kid: “Ok stop freaking out. I get it.”