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The Anxious Brain: Anecdotal Evidence

I took a look at my weekly FitBit step count and saw that my friend Leslie’s number was oddly low.


A normal, rational brain: “That’s an unusually low number of steps for Leslie to have walked in the past week. She must not be wearing her FitBit.”

My brain: “LESLIE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!”


(She’s not dead. I confirmed via text. Because even with a possible death on the line, voice calls are hard.)


In Honor of National Women’s Day, A Woman Winning

Eric got us both FitBits and immediately challenged me to a “who takes more steps in a week” contest. Which, to be honest, is just insane, as 1) I run marathons and 2) I’m on my feet with children all day.

But he INSISTED he’d still out-step me, which made no logical sense, unless the theory “Boys are good at all the things!!!” makes sense to you. (No, he didn’t say that. But it was there on his smug face). So I have spent the entire week ensuring that I will beat him– running unnecessary runs, finishing every errand that’s been on my my to-do list for months, mindlessly walking in circles in my kitchen, pacing for 25 minutes in my therapist’s waiting room (which didn’t at all make the other patients anxious, I’m sure of it. They would have been clutching that Xanax regardless.)

But it’s all been worth it because I have been kicking his ass, and have so thoroughly enjoyed rubbing it in his face all week.



Ok, well. This isn’t fun anymore.

I quit.