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No Secrets in THAT House

“Oh my god, have so much fun [at your bachelorette party] tonight! At my bachelorette party I got so drunk, there were MULTIPLE strippers, and there are just these ridiculous photos of me hanging off of stripper poles and, like, penises EVERYWHERE.”

— Parent of former student, just now on the street, while holding her 5-year-old daughter’s hand.



My Philosophy, Part 2

Quick update on this lady, who, as you will recall, inquired about a reading tutor for her 1-year-old…

We have a phone appointment this afternoon to discuss what it is, exactly, she means by “reading.” If it is a sane notion (aka “I’d like my baby to be read to, and perhaps exposed to the alphabet song”), then I might just consider taking the job. No one needs to tell her that these are tasks she– or an iPhone app– can handle for free.

She also mentioned in our email exchange that she is pregnant, so I expect to be asked about options for in-utero tutoring.

Stay tuned.