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I’ve been accused of being moody, but I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that everyone stay out of my damn way when I’m PMSing, when it’s Sunday night, when it’s all day Monday, or when it’s winter. The second half of autumn and any high-allergy spring is a risky time as well. Best to stay out of my damn way then, too.

I am absolutely delightful on June 29th.




Weather Related Thought Spiral

Guess I’ll put away my puffy coat and grab my spring trench for the next 10 hours because NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE.

To be clear, the seasonal affective part of me is thrilled with this randomly warm, if only for half a day, weather. But the anxious part of me worries that The Walking Dead is happening for real. 

I understand that The Walking Dead has nothing to do with weather. But, like, you get it. The apocalypse. Death to mankind. Widespread chaos and destruction. 

I’m not saying I actually believe any of this, I’m just saying that I bought some guns. 

Because better safe than sorry and besides, it was SO EASY. 

I just walked into the store screaming THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING and the guy behind the counter shrugged his shoulders and sold me 11 semi automatics. 

I forgot why I started writing this. 


Winter Whining

I pull the hood of my puffy coat over my head, whimpering in the cold.

Eric: “There ya go! Warm now?”

Me: “Ugh. No. My eyes are still watering and freezing. I need a hood that covers my ENTIRE face.”

Eric: “That’d be perfect actually.”

Me: “Why? So you don’t have to look at me?”

Eric: “Are you kidding me? I LOVE looking at you!”

Me: “Awww…babe…”

Eric: “It’s listening to you that’s hard.”


Sadness? Yeah I Think I’ve Heard of It.

Tutoring a 5th grader…

Kid: “Do you ever feel sadness?”
Me: “Sure.”

I call it “Winter.”

When it happens in the fall, I call it “Mental Health Disorder.”

When it happens in the summer, I call it “Hangover.”

When it happens in the spring, I call it “For The Love of God, WTF Is Wrong With You?! It’s SPRING– WHY AREN’T YOU HAPPY?! You Are The WORST. And Stop Resenting Those Happy People Over There. It’s Not Their Fault They Know How To Enjoy Things While You Feel Dead Inside. For Christ’s Sake, Come On, The Sun Is Out!” (I’ll admit this one could use a nickname).

We’ll call yours “Puberty.”

Regardless, grab a hat, some chocolate (or, ideally– a chocolate hat) and hold the fuck on.