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Don’t You Dare Accuse Us of Playing Favorites

I know I made it seem in my last post like Sophie is getting the classic second-born shaft, but I am here to reassure you that we have made every effort to treat her and Nora equally. Eric and I are both second-borns, so we understand the importance of making the second child feel just as important as the first.

For example, when we did a newborn photo shoot for Nora, people commented that we wouldn’t do the same for the next kid, but JOKE’S ON YOU GUYS.

Nora’s newborn photo shoot:

And Sophie’s:


This is Why We Work

Eric and I have been emailing with the wedding photographer in order to schedule our “Engagement Photo Shoot” (Yes. We know this should have been done months ago. SHUT UP.). We honestly didn’t even really want to do this shoot, as the whole concept doesn’t seem very “us.” But it’s included in the package, and we are unwilling to waste a dime, so we are going to do it– but we want it done OUR way.

So we emailed the photographer requesting that the shoot be of the two of us doing “everyday activities.” She responded saying that sounded like a great idea– and suggested a day at the zoo.

Eric was having none of that shit.

He emailed this back: