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Well, the good news, Society, is that we already filled our “Dumb, Destructive Shit That We Are 100% Responsible For” quota for this century with the election of Donald Trump, so in the coming 84 New Years, there’s literally no where else to go but up* from here.**

So happy holidays!

*In terms of our own bad decisions.

**World is still fucked. We just have less say in it now.

***Realizing this isn’t optimistic at all. I should change title of this post.****

****Nah, fuck it. Fuck everything.


Be Afraid

Brain surgeon, pre-surgery, holding a drill to your skull:  “Why, no. No I did not attend my training. No, I am not fully aware of the specific, acute challenges I might face once I get in there. But I’m a smart guy. I’ll figure this out. I don’t need to be told what to do.”

If that scenario alarms you– and IT FUCKING SHOULD– so should Trump’s attitude toward intelligence briefings.