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On This Valentine’s Day, An Irrational Thought

Recently, a guy friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years took one look at me and said, “Wow. You really just don’t age.” And that was a really lovely, flattering compliment, but I’m not taking it too seriously because I’m sure he was just saying it to be nice.

In related news, I need to find a way to make that guy friend marry me.


Feeling Loved

Sometimes a girl’s gotta make herself feel like someone sent her flowers on Valentines Day.


Yes, they’re chocolate. Yes, they’re from the dollar store. Yes, they came in a plastic box that I cut myself trying to open. Yes, they’re from a 9 year old. Yes, that is a drinking glass. Yes, it’s a dirty drinking glass. Yes, I JUST finished drinking out of it.


The Root Of The Problem

We had students choose someone special and write that person a love cinquain poem. Two boys got right down to work….

Kid 1: “So who are you writing your valentine poem for?”
Kid 2: “Sarah.”
Kid 1: “Who’s Sarah?”
Kid 2: “Well, there are actually two Sarahs. One is my cousin, another is this girl I know from camp. Not sure yet which one I’m giving it to.”
Kid 1 (gravely serious): “Dude– you should definitely give it to your cousin. Giving a love poem to someone who’s not in your family would be REALLY weird.”

And so it begins. Two young boys who understand nothing about love, soon to be grown men who understand nothing about love.


The Truth Comes Out

Guys, this is super awkward. How do I tell my co-teacher that this kid thinks I’m #1?

Maybe I just won’t tell her, and let her continue to think that HER same exact gift from this kid is the one that’s genuine.

But we all know what’s happening here. Similar to when homeless men tell me I’m beautiful, then say it to the person right behind me. No one should feel left out. But we all know who they’re REALLY talking to….