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We Did It! 

As requested, a couple shots for the blog readers who aren’t able to access the 293649283937 photos posted by friends on Facebook and Instagram (which we love, guys, so thank you!)

More stories to follow in the coming months, but in sum….it was NOT everything I expected— it was 10 thousand times more than anything I ever could have imagined for myself. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it and helped make it the incredible, love-filled, laughter-packed weekend it was. Including the best, most joyful dancer in town, my…husband! 😳


A friend of ours, Shaun, is designing a wedding trinket for us and using our wedding hashtag, #cleareyesfullheartstwojews on the design (If you don’t watch Friday Night Lights, and don’t know we are The Taylors, then there is nothing I can do to help you understand or appreciate this hashtag. I’m sorry.)

Shaun also runs his own business. While designing our trinket, he was simultaneously emailing a potential new client. In this email, he meant to cut and paste a standard questionnaire that goes out to all potential new clients.

Instead, he accidentally cut and pasted our hashtag, and hit send before realizing.

Literally wrote:

Hi Allison,


The client signed.


We Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have a Wedding

Eric got one of his very frequent toe cramps and had to stop mid-gait.

Me: “I hope you don’t get one of those when you’re walking down the aisle.”

Eric: “I don’t walk down the aisle. YOU walk down the aisle.”

Me: “So do you!”

Eric: “No.”

Me: “I don’t know if you’re serious.”

Eric: “Do I walk down the aisle?”

Me: (disbelieving stare)

Eric: “No, I don’t walk down the aisle. I just stand there. Up at the thing. I stand there.”


Eric:  img_7033-4