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Productive Financial Discussions

They say in a marriage it’s important to discuss finances and be on the same page. Financials are not my forte, so we try to have a meaningful discussion at least once a week. Tonight’s:

Me: “I feel like we’ve been losing money in the stock market lately.”

Eric: “No we haven’t.”

Me: “Oh ok.”

And then I went back to eating bacon and scrolling Facebook.


I Love Going Splitsies

Eric: “You wrote in your anniversary card that you love when we go splitsies. When have we ever split the bill?”

Me: “No, I meant, like, when we can’t decide between two main dishes– so you get the steak and I get the duck, and we split each dish. You know, splitsies.”

Eric: “So basically you love that you get to sample all the food that I pay for.”

(long pause)

Me: “Yes.”

It sounded cuter in my head.



I Heard You

(Screaming from the kitchen): “Oh my god babe, come ON! We are a dual income household now! There are things in life you just can NOT be cheap about! Seriously, I can’t live like this!”

–Eric, upon discovering I bought CVS brand paper towels. 

Ok. I heard you loud and clear. 

You said “I hate it when you save money! Please spend all my money!”

On it. 

The Wrong Thing To Do 

Just now I entered the elevator and two women were mid-conversation…

Woman 1: “So I ended up giving him the ring back. I just felt like it was the right thing to do.”

Woman 2: “Totally. I agree.”

(Long pause) 

Woman 1: “Anyway, please don’t judge my apartment when we go in. I know I’ve been here for a few months but I still can’t afford any furniture or a tv or anything.”

Yeah. Probably should have kept that ring…